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Remaining Dining Room Plans

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thank you so much for all of your kind feedback regarding my dining room cabinet reveal earlier this week. Every time I look at that little cabinet, I am in awe of the power of paint. Making over that cabinet gave me the final push to "finish" off this room, which has transitioned over the past couple of years.

This is how my dining room looks today...

I am happy with its evolution, but I just have a couple more things that I would like to complete.

The lighting... This chandelier is the original one that was there when we moved in.

I don't completely hate it, but I definitely don't love it. So it has to go.

I have been scouring Pinterest, and these lighting ideas have definitely inspired me.

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Via DecorPad.com.
Roy Sausalto Five-Light Drum Pendant: This sucker costs $855! I know the price will no where near work for my budget, but I still really love the style.

love this room. the table & lighting, the sweet b print and white everywhere. clean and styled, not cluttered.
via Apartment Therapy

 I am again attracted to the drum pendant shade. This is the Eden Pendant from CB2. Would you believe that I already own one of these? Purchased it two years ago because it was "cute" and never did anything with it. It will more than likely be the first lighting option that I try.I don't know if I like that it only has one light bulb slot available. That just doesn't seem like enough light to me.

Isabella & Max Rooms: Street of Dreams Portland Style: House 1
via House of Fifty

Lighting is very hard to select, especially for such a visual person like me. As I digress, I would rather buy all of them, hang each one, live with it for a day or two, and take back the ones I don't like. I know that's doing waaaaay to much:( But I know I won't be able to make up my mind very easily.


The blank wall... Because this art piece is so striking, I have a hard time filling this blank wall that sits across from it. Mainly because I don't want anything that will take away from it, or fight against it, if that makes sense. This wall sits to the right of my newly painted cabinet.

So the other day while perusing the aisles of Target, I came across these picture ledges.

Image courtesy of Target.com

What drew me to this ledge was that it had a pretty gray-washed tone, which I had never seen in a picture ledge. These ledges are by Threshold, they are  23" long and cost $12.99 each, plus I used the Cartwheel app and received an additional 15% off. I purchased two. Once I put them up, I will let you know how I style them, or heck, if I even like them on this wall.

If you have any other lighting suggestions, please let me know! I always love to hear your input.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time!

Painted Dining Room Cabinet Reveal

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Monday! I am proclaiming it to be a fantastic week! How about you? I am so excited to be posting because my dning room cabinet is finally done!!! I am so happy with how it turned out and I can't wait to show you the results. So enough small talk, lets get to the reveal.

But first, I thought it would be fun to show you a real throwback. Like so throwback, that we weren't living in the house yet. This is a picture from the from the real estate listing.  I love throwback pictures because even though I feel like my room changes take forever, the old pictures still allow me to see the progress. Looking at this listing picture shows me that I have made even progress than I think!

Photo courtesy of trulia.com

And this is how the room looked a few weeks ago prior to the cabinet update.

To achieve a smooth paint finish, I primed my piece using a Zinnser 1-2-3 Water-Based Primer in white and a sponge paint roller. I did not sand at all, because this primer helps to eliminate this step. 

I primed with two coats, letting dry in between each step (about 2 hours in between each coat), then applied the paint. After all of your kind comments here and on Instagram, I was able to pick a color. I went with Behr Wheat Grass, color-matched to Glidden paint sample size in a Satin finish. This color is a like a true citrusy green color. It's so pretty.

 Following the paint, I went over the cabinet with a water-based polycrylic by Minwax to protect it from scratches using a traditional 2 inch Purdy paint brush. 

I switched out the original knobs for some medium size crystal knobs from The Home Depot. They were $2.99 each, and I purchased four.

I also switched out the original round mirror to a sunburst mirror that was originally in my bedroom. The round mirror will find a new home soon. The sunburst mirror is from The Home Depot and is only $35. Great price for such a stylist sunburst!

So there you have it. I hope to finish this room VERY soon. I will be back later this week with a few remaining plans for this room. I just love how paint transformed my little cabinet so it has inspired me. 

Just for fun, let's take one last look at this makeover:




Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time!

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Creative Spotlight: Behind the Big Green Door

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Wednesday good folks! Thanks so much for stopping by and weighing in on my cabinet color selection on the blog and on Instagram. Your votes were so helpful, and I think that I may have narrowed down a color choice. I am excited, so stay tuned!

Moving on...I am back with another Creative Spotlight. You may remember when I posted about Brandi a couple of months ago, now I would like to present to you Alaya with Behind the Big Green Door.

I love Alaya's blog! I think it has a perfect mix of DIY, along with sharing some of her personal happenings. Alaya also has the cutest daughter, who she sweetly refers to as "Baby Girl" that pops up through the blog helping with projects occasionally. Enough about what I think, let's see what Alaya is sharing in her Spotlight!  
What are three interesting facts about you that we may not know through reading your blog?
1        - Most people are shocked to find out that as girly as I am that I’m a football fan and know quite a bit about the sport.  GO DAWGS! :)
           - I’m a huge lover of flowers. I keep fresh flowers on my desk at work and usually at home.
3     -I graduated high school and went off to college at the young at of 16.

Why did you select blog name?
I started with the blog name “My DIY Diary.” About a year later I changed the name to “Behind the Big Green Door.” My blog name refers to my big green front door. It’s abnormally tall compared to most doors. I felt this name better suited my blog as it allowed me to discuss not only DIY but also, life, family, recipes, work, and whatever randomness happens in my home.

How long have you been blogging, and why did you start?
I have been blogging on and off since Dec 2012. I started blogging at the encouragement of my family who thought I should share some of the project that I was doing around the house.

What has been the most rewarding experience from blogging?
The most rewarding experience from blogging is receiving text or emails from people who say I have inspired them to decorate or re-purpose instead of throwing away. I never thought the small things I was doing around the house would reach people and touch them enough to give it a try.

What has been your most challenging?
The most challenging thing about blogging is consistency. I go on a run where I have tons of ideas and then hit a dry spell. Or I just don’t have the time to invest. Knowing how to keep readers engaged during dry spells and off periods is challenging!

What has been your ABSOLUTE favorite project you completed, and why?

My absolute favorite project is my mother’s dining room. This was my favorite project because of how much my mom loved her space. She deserved it! It was a surprise from me to her on Christmas and she really loved it. I loved seeing her happy and knowing that all the thought I put into the project made her so happy.

Any networking ideas? How do you like to meet other bloggers/readers?
I have met other bloggers by stumbling across each their blogs and then eventually connecting through email. I would love to get more involved in networking and meeting others who share the same passion

What is your favorite quote to live by?
My favorite quote is “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” by Dr. Seuss. Yes, Dr. Seuss! Lol! It’s amazing where you can draw inspiration from. I always try to live by this quote and it’s inspires me to know that whatever I choose to have can be obtained and wherever I want to be in life, I can be there.. It is all up to me!


Many thanks to Alaya for her participation. Who knew she graduated High School at 16! Smarty Pants!! Just kidding. Make sure you check out her blog. She has tons of cute projects that are sure to inspire you. One of my favs is her DIY Polka Dotted curtain makeover. I think the part that warmed my heart was that her daughter participated. Adorable!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time!


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