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Baby J's Nursery Source List

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Tuesday folks! last week I shared the photo's from Baby J's nursery. Thanks to all of you who checked out the nursery and for all of your kind comments. It really been one of my most fun and proud projects to date, next to my stained oak table.

Today I am sharing the source of all of my nursery findings. Overall, I was able to complete this nursery for around $500, not including my crib. It was a gift from my sister.

Wall Color
Mindful Gray color matched to Behr Paints

Old DIY Makeover from Guest Room. Stripped and Painted Dark Cobalt Blue by Behr Paints. You can read more about the entire project here

White Frames

Large Red "J"

Stuffed Moosehead

Babyletto Madison 3-in-1crib purchased from Target.com but no longer available. I found this link that offers the same thing.

Birch Wall Decal

Swivel Glider Chair
Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider purchased from local Georgia furniture store

White Pillow on Glider

Red & White Foot Bean Bag

Picture Ledges(used for books)

Various Thrift Stores

African-American Child Art

Small Stuffed Animals

Baby Things Basket


Large Stuffed Giraffe

White Sheer Curtains

Bamboo Roman Shade
The Home Depot

Giraffe Wooden Stool

Numbered Hook

Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the items listed. Thanks for stopping by! Until next time!

Baby J's Nursery Reveal

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hello good people!! I hope you all are having some of this fantastic weather that has passed through Atlanta over the last few days. It has been hard for me to sit in the house and take some time to blog, but here I am.

 I know that I never spoke much about Baby J's nursery plan, so to fill you all in, I knew that I wanted something that could carry him past the baby years, but nothing too mature. For some reason Giraffe's really stuck with me so I decided on a subdued safari "theme," even though I am not into "themes" much. I wanted it to be functional and stylish, boyish and playful, timeless, and overall adorable.

I was very happy with how everything turned out. This post will be mainly pictures, and I hope to do a video tour soon, with a more in depth overview. I will also do a follow-up source list. So without further ado, here are the pics! You are warned, this will be picture overload:)

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into his nursery! It was so fun to decorate and I am very happy with how it turned out. I hope to be able to post the source list for everything next week~

Until next time!!!

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Old Dresser Update for the Nursery

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A while back on Instagram, I posted a sneak peek of a dresser/changing table that I was working on for my little one's nursery. Well, some time has passed and I promised a tutorial so I guess its time! Especially since my little one is here and already six weeks old. I have so much to update you on, but let's start with this:

This is an old dresser that my husband used in his apartment prior to getting married. It had been living in the guest room and I have been requesting to strip and paint it since we moved into our home over two year ago. Of course the answer was "why mess up a good antique dresser?" My internal response was "it's ugly and I hate it." Anywho, once we found out we were expecting, we were determined to repurpose things around the house, as we could. Lucky for me, I talked him out of buying a new dresser and decided to just makeover the one we had.

Here is how it turned out ( not sure why the image is blurry):

With a little work, you can achieve the same results. Here is how I did it....

First I removed all of the drawers, as you can see from the top picture. I unscrewed all of the hardware, propped the dressers on old cut 2x4's, then I proceeded with a quick hand sand. When I say quick, it was quick! Nothing fancy, just enough to rough up the surface. This is done so that the primer/paint can actually adhere to the surface and won't chip off during use.

Once I sanded the surface, it looked like this:

After sanding was complete, I wiped the dresser down with a dry rag and continued with priming. When priming this dresser I used Zinsser 123 Bulls Eye Water Based Primer and applied it with a small sponge roller in the direction of the wood grain. Some people go with an oil based primer, but I would be using this in the nursery, and I didn't want the odor so I went with the water based one. Plus it dries faster and I am impatient:)

I could have applied two coats of primer and I probably would have been fine, but I applied three to be safe...allowing several hours of drytime in between each coat. After the final coat I let the dresser sit overnight.

I knew that I wanted a rich blue color for the dresser, so I went with Behr Dark Cobalt Blue. I forgot what finish I used, but if I had to guess, it was probably satin. Definitely not flat, as I wanted something that I could easily wipe off.

I painted the dresser using a small sponge roller, the same as the primer, letting the paint in between coats, for a total of three coats. I followed all of the steps for the drawers as well.

In deciding on hardware, I knew that I did not was to close the original holes, because making new holes would be too hard and a bit too tedious for me. I went and checked out several retailers for new hardware, however because the dresser is so old, the spacing of the hardware holes no longer exist. I know! I couldn't believe it. So I was forced into using the original hardware.

I had some leftover spray paint in my garage from Hobby Lobby in a color called Pewter. I took a chance and spray painted the old hardware and it worked!

After all is said and done,here is how it looks in his room:

I hope to soon be able to photograph his entire nursery. I am so in love with it!

Glad I was able to share this post with you guys! Until next time:)

The Gray Blues...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

For my nursery, I wanted the perfect (in my eyes at least) shade of gray. As many of you may know, gray can be a tricky color. For example, in looking around Home Depot, I found that several grays either picked up too much blue, too much purple, or looked too taupy. I wanted something that we super clean.

In doing research (Pinterest), I somehow came across what I felt to be perfect! It's called Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams.
Grey and purple master bedroom. Paint: Sherwin Williams - Mindful Gray #home #decor

paint Mindful Gray- sherwin williams

Sherwin williams mindful gray on the walls baby-nursery-ideas

 Its one of those colors that to me creates a nice clean canvas to decorate around, which is what I really wanted.

I am very happy with the decision. We painted last Sunday and the color dried to be exactly what I thought. We purchased the paint from Home Depot, and had it color-matched to Behr Paint & Primer. What I like about the Behr Paint & Primer in one is the fact that it is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). You can read more about what that means to you and your body here, especially if you are expecting. I'm no doctor of course, but I still want to expose myself and my baby to as few chemicals as possible:)

Right now I am working on making over the dresser for the room. Once that is in place, I will be sure to share it, along with the wall paint, thus far.

Can't wait!

Until next time...

Crib Searchin'

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Preparing for my journey into motherhood for the first time has taught me alot about myself. It has mainly taught me that I am actually much more of a minimilist than I imagined. Take my expercience with selecting a crib for example. Deciding on the style of crib had to be one of the hardest decisions in my life. Mainly because I felt that alot of cribs tended to be just a little bit more traditional than the look that I was going for. So everytime I went into either Target or Babies R Us to look, I would shut down and vow to start again another day.

Then my sister called me. She asked me had I made a crib selection as of yet because she wanted to purchase me one as a gift. Well....that put my butt into action. A few days later I received this email from Target...

Buy a crib and get a free mattress? I love a good deal! So after checking out Target's catalog of cribs, I came across the Babyletto line. What I like most about their line of cribs is that they are just modern enough, but not so contemporary that they look overly sterile. 

I ended up going with the Babyletto Madison 3-in-1 in espresso and white. 

Along with the purchase of this crib, I scored a mattress. I can't remember the name of the top of my head, but it got really good reviews.

So there you have it, killing two birds with one stone. Many thanks to my sis for lighting that fire which led me to this beauty.

Oh, and for fun, here is a picture of crib placed in a room that I found on Pinterest via Babyletto.

Cute right?

So I am excited to begin putting my room together:) I will be sharing the progress as it moves along. 11 more weeks until my little boy makes his appearance.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!