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DIY X Table...My Building Experience

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hey friends and happy half New Year! If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have noticed that I have been working pretty diligently on completing a living room makeover. You may even remember one of my very first projects, the board and batten wall. Well, today I am back with another reveal, pretty much leading up to the final reveal of this room. I completed the DIY X Coffee Table, with the plans found on Ana White's website. While this post is not a tutorial, as I followed the Ana White tutorial pretty loosely, I wanted to more so show pics and talk a bit about my experience.

Pretty much following the plans, I measured my space, purchased the wood, and got it cut based on my own dimensions from The Home Depot. I am so happy with how it turned out.

My Tips:
Preparing to Build:

  • Make sure you measure the height of your couch along with the width, and your table should be about a third of the length size. The height of the table should be just below where your knees would be if you are sitting on your sofa. Does that make sense? If you follow Ana White's plan exactly, your table could come out too large or too small for your space, so measure your space accordingly.

  • Tools are important. Make sure you have the proper tools to build this table. A miter saw is needed to cut the wood pieces to the exact dimensions that you may need. I always get my wood cut a few inches longer than I need to at The Home Depot to allow for adjustments if needed. I then use my miter saw to cut it truer to my necessary size at home. However, if you choose to have yours cut exactly when you buy it, that should be fine. Just remember. the miter saw will be needed to create the angles on decorative x's. 
    Additional tools needed are a Kreg Jig, drill, measuring tape, and I think that's it, but refer to the Ana White plan to be sure:) 

    Staining the Table

  • After my building was complete, I lightly sanded my wood using a a fine sandpaper. I then conditioned my wood using Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner, applying it with a paintbrush. The directions state that you have to remove the excess product, then I let it sit over night.

  • I then applied a few coats of these two stains, allowing each coat to dry in between and sanding in between each coat. 
  • I let the stain dry and cure for a couple days then applied polyurethane to protect the surface from scratches or water damage.
I loved the look of the multiple stains, although Ana White's tutorial calls for a different finishing technique.

But here she is in all of her finished glory!

I just love all of the knots and detailing that the stain pulled out of the wood.

Many of the shots show a sneak peek of my living room reveal, as I consider this room done! I will be back next week with a full room reveal.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions about my experience in building this table, feel free to email me.

Hmmm... Anyone up for a 30-Day Cleaning Challenge???

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Wednesday!!  So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me mention having a chance to go on the Inman Park Festival tour of homes. I didn't get to snap any pictures because the memory full on my phone, plus I was managing a toddler. That's enough work in itself. But to give you a little background, its a total of 10 homes on the tour, along with a church and old barn. We only made it through seven of the homes before we were worn out! The tour is spread out, so pretty much none of the homes sat within the same street, although a couple did. The tour takes place in the historic Inman Park neighborhood in Atlanta, during the 2-day Inman Park Festival. Inman Park is Atlanta’s first planned community and one of the nation’s first garden suburbs. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Just from that information I am sure you can imagine its beauty!

On the tour, besides the homes being decorated so beautifully, they were super clean and some just smelled so fresh. Not just surface cleaned, but had a deep cleaned feel. I am pretty sure it was deep cleaned because they were gonna be on the tour, but nevertheless, it got me thinking. My house surely needs a deep deep cleaning. So I wanted to challenge myself to do little by little over the month of May, focusing on areas that I normally don't do. I came across the 30-Day cleaning challenge from Pop Sugar.com

The daily tasks seemed very manageable, even for someone like myself who works full time. Based on what the article said, each task should take about 20 minutes to an hour a day. Totally doable for me! So I want to challenge myself, and anybody else who wants to participate. The tasks are below. If  you click on the links in blue, they offer you tips on how to do so!

Day 1: Clean microwave and oven.
Day 2: Clean dishwasher and appliances. Here's how to clean your toaster.
Day 3: Wipe down pantry.
Day 4: Scrub down fridge.
Day 5: Organize and toss expired foods.
Day 6: Clean kitchen sink and under the sink.
Day 7: Wipe down walls, and wash garbage can.
Day 8: Clean stove top, kitchen surface areas, and floor.


Day 9: Clean medicine cabinet and storage.
Day 10: Trash expired items, and declutter.
Day 11: Clean shower, tub, shower curtains, and walls.
Day 12: Clean toilet, bathroom surface areas, mirror, and floor.


Day 13: Clean mirrors, windows, blinds, and curtains.
Day 14: Organize closet and drawers, and declutter.
Day 15: Deep-clean mattress, and wash pillows, linens, and comforter.
Day 16: Vacuum, mop, or sweep floor; clean under furniture.
Day 17: Clean furniture, walls, and fixtures.

Living Room

Day 18: Wash cushions, seat, and sofa covers.
Day 19: Clean throws, rugs, chairs, and tables.
Day 20: Clean TV and electronics.
Day 21: Declutter, and toss unwanted items.
Day 22: Vacuum, mop, or sweep floor; clean under furniture.
Day 23: Clean walls and fixtures.
Day 24: Clean windows, blinds, and curtains.


Day 25: Clean desk, chair, and walls, and declutter.
Day 26: Wipe down bookshelves, and toss unwanted books.


Day 27: Clean washing machine and dryer.
Day 28: Clean patio and outdoor equipment.
Day 29: Clean car and car seat.
Day 30: Clean vacuum and cleaning supplies.


I am preparing, and will actually probably get started today! Who is with me? If you participate, let's share via social media with the #30daycleaningchallenge and tag my IG @liveprettyonapenny.

Until next time:)

Panel Wall Reveal #livingroommakeover

Monday, April 27, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, then you are very familiar with my hashtag #livingroommakeover. Under that hashtag, there are so many living room updates documented. Today, I want to show you one of the first impactful updates that I made after painting the living room. I am so excited with the direction of this makeover and I am  looking forward to sharing more.

A few months ago, we updated a focal wall in the room with what I call grid molding, however, I think it is called board and batten.

You may remember this wall before after I painted, but before the board and batten.

Which we turned into this in total of weekend and about $75.

I will compile all of the details and give a tutorial, but in the meantime, I am just enjoying the change! FYI, the wall color in the top picture is more true to the actual room color. Not sure why it looks so muddy/gray in the second photo!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Until, next time.

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