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The Big Brown Beast

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I feel bad a times for referring to my sofa as such, but sometimes it just really annoys me. Yes, it is a true statement that I purchased this sofa with my own money...but I was young and dumb. Sheesh, it was almost 3 years ago for goodness sake:) Now I am loving lighter sofas, which I feel don't anchor the room down as much. Whenever I hint toward a even looking at a new sofa, my husband politely replies "heck no," not really heck, but you get it. So while I may be stuck living as a beauty with this beast, I am will make the best of it by finding ways to brighten it up. Here are some inspirational photos.

Five Ways to Decorate with a Brown Sofa Crisp white ceilings and trim also keep the space light and brigh
 Q: I own a dark brown sofa. How can I keep the piece from dominating the look of the room? A: I love brown sofas. You can put any color of pillow on it. Keep the walls lighter, anchor the space with a light-color textural rug, and limit other dark browns to an accent chair or a picture frame. Bring in midtones such as hot pink, red, and teal.

This clever use of art and accessories is a low-cost and fun way to brighten a forgotten corner and dark sofa. I'm especially loving it because I already own a pair of these exact lamps, and a sofa that's pretty similar to this one!
Yellow Bliss Road: Industrial Blend Living Room Makeover Reveal..FINALLY!

So yeah...these pictures are inspiring me to learn how to live with and be thankful for the sofa that I have. I also see hope:) I plan to add more white pillows and lighter brighter throws to liven up my sofa up even more. Come to think about it, white doesn't do to well around my house, so I may have to rethink that.
Anywho, until next time.

Creative Spotlight: Simply LKJ

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When leaving blog comments, you just never know who you will be fortunate enough to "meet." By meet, I mean interact with through social media, but hey, in the blogging world, that's pretty much the same. In my case, I always saw these sweet comments left on many blogs that I visit and I was just too curious as to who this person was. I stopped by to visit her blog and absolutely loved it! It also makes it better that she lives in a nearby Atlanta suburb as well. I am talking about Lauren who blogs over at Simply LKJ.

Though we have never met, I feel like we have!! I can just tell through her commenting, and our social media interactions that she is super sweet and very genuine. Oh and she cooks scrumptious meals often and posts the recipes to her blog! I look forward to meeting Lauren very soon, but until then...let's get to know a little more about what makes her the special person that she is:)

Tell us 3 interesting facts about you?

1.      Despite my heavy Southern accent, I was actually born in New York and lived there until age 10.

2.      I was the first girl on my dad’s side of the family to be born in a 38 -year period.

3.      I am left-handed, and gave birth to two lefties! Go Southpaws!!

How long have you been blogging, and why did you start?

I have been blogging since Mother’s Day, May 9, 2010.  I had been a part of an online Mommy Group years ago and have so many lasting friendships from that time.  Blogging was a way for me to connect with other like- minded women, and share bits and pieces of my life.

Why did you select your blog name?

I chose Simply LKJ (my initials) as the blog was simply me, being me.  My oldest designed my header and felt the tag line…simplify, organize, eat, design summed up what my blog was all about.

What has been the most rewarding experience from blogging?

A fellow blogger’s sweet grandson, CJK, had fallen extremely ill.  Diana had asked for prayers for him. She had also posted some of his symptoms.  After reading her post one night, I could not get CJK out of my mind and felt God nudging me.  “Lauren, you know what this is!”  And, then it dawned on me…another fellow blogger, Kristin of My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia had posted about her son’s battle with Kawasaki Disease…it clicked, CJK had the very same symptoms right down to the cherry red lips.  I sent a message to Diana and she relayed the information on to his doctors.  CJK was diagnosed and treated the very next day.  Because it was caught early, he did not suffer the permanent heart damage that so many do.  You can read about CJK here (http://the nanadiana.blogspot.com/2013/11/Saturday-update-on-my-grandson-cjk.html)

What has been your most challenging?

Consistency.  I have good intentions on blogging daily, but life gets in the way.  I also am not one to put up a post just to have content on the blog.  I want it to be useful information.

What has been your ABSOLUTE favorite project you completed, and why?

This should read the most tedious, backbreaking, but oh so rewarding project.  Hubby and I installed hardwood floors throughout our entire upstairs together. It is my favorite project because despite the difficulty, we completed it, they look amazing and we managed to stay out of divorce court. LOL

Any networking ideas?  How do you like to meet other bloggers/readers?

I am probably the last hold out on Face Book.  I find new blogs to read via comments left on blogs I currently follow or their recommendations.  I have been fortunate to meet several of my fellow bloggers in person as well.

What is your favorite quote to live by?

I am a quote person, so this changes quite often.  However, the one I cling to these days is “I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow.”


 I am sure that laying a wood floor without ending up in divorce court gives us all hope! In all seriousness, check out her blog. Her style is lovely and classic and her back porch and backyard are both to die for!! Be prepared to be in awe.

Thanks so much for participating and sharing a glimpse into your life, Lauren. It was fun to get to know a little more about you.

Until next time!

My Four Thrift Shopping Tips

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One of my favorite past times is to check out the aisles of thrift stores. I don't shop there for clothing, mainly because I think that sometimes it can be overpriced, especially for some of the bargain brands. I do, however, love checking out there books, housewares, and other miscellaneous items. I am not anywhere near a master "thrift-er," but I do have several tips that work for me and keep me focused on what I am in search of when I do visit a thrift store. This way, I can keep my eye on things that will work with what I have in mind for my home, and stay away from a cart full of junk and clutter

1) Enter With a Focus...

Most of the time when I visit a thrift store, I try to remain focused on what it is that I am really looking for. Lately I have been  hoarding accumulating as many white serving dishes as possible! It's crazy. I have totally been on a white dish kick, and found that the thrift stores have the best variety for cheap.  When  the search for a white dish strikes me, I head to Goodwill or something,  walk straight to the area where the dishes are held and look for the white ones. Once I locate one that I think that I like, I make sure that it is in good condition, priced very reasonably, and will work for a variety of serving needs. And though I don't buy them as a set, I still make sure that they flow with the past items that I have purchased. White dishes are so classic and look so elegant for serving.

2) Just Because The Price is Right Doesn't Mean That It Needs to Come Home With You...

When you are looking through a thrift store, sometimes you go on a day where everywhere you turn, there is some interesting tchotchke or whatever that you feel needs to come home with you because it looks okay, but the price looks even better. NAH! These things become clutter and dust collectors. Just one more thing to clean. Try to be very specific in what items you bring home. Those that bring interest, function, personality, and style to your space. So before you purchase, think and through and figure out if this item really brings value or just more "stuff" to your space.

3) Think About It's Purpose or Re-Purpose...

You will see many items in a thrift store that may be outdated, slightly damaged, the wrong color, or in need of some TLC. Keep and open mind. Don't ever be afraid to venture out and try a good makeover. It is amazing what a little love could do to a piece. "Love" could be as simple as some paint, stain, a new pillow, a good cleaning, or a beautiful throw. Try to be imaginative with the possibilities, and if your mind won't take you there then good ol' Pinterest is sure to help:) Always research the proper way to attack your makeover and you can't go wrong.

Check out my cabinet before and after. Although this was purchased on Craigslist and not from a thrift store. The concept is the same. 

4) Check out Multiple Thrift Stores in Various Areas...
No two thrift stores are the same. Since each thrift store carries different items, you have to be willing to search various ones to find what you may be looking for, especially if your mind is set on a particular item. Frequenting different stores I believe will lead to finding some very interesting and worthwhile pieces to add to your home. Try stores off the beaten path, or find out what day of the week that new items may be hitting the sales floor. I have also also learned that people who are consistent and visit stores multiple times a week in different areas tend to find really some good things!

Are you ready to give it a try? To find your nearest thrift stores visit this thrift shop locater site.

Good luck to you and may you have many successful thrifting days ahead!

Until next time.

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